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Serving and acquiring customers is a challenge. It is extremely important to keep in touch with them and offer something they are interested in. This can be done via Email Marketing. Depending on your business, you can provide your customers with the latest sales items, latest news about your products and services, periodic newsletter, etc. While keeping them informed, you can also drive them back to your website for more information, purchases and increased traffic to your site.

Isn't Email Marketing Being Replaced by Social Media?

No. Email Marketing is still a vital means of communicating with your customers and prospects. It is also a way to deliver announcements, offers, coupons, etc. and sending readers to your website, social media.

Additionally, continued communications keeps your business and products in the minds of your readers. Why is this important, well many of your readers may not be ready to purchase your products or services on initial contact. In fact, traditionally, readers may need to receive information over time. They are more prone to make purchase decisions days, weeks, months or even years later. So it is important that they recall your name and business when they are ready.

Email Marketing Implementation

Email Marketing consists of the following tasks and components;

  • Collection of subscribers to your mailing list
  • Returning an Auto-response Email Acknowledge and thank the subscriber
  • Store email addresses and subscriber information in an on-line Database
  • Administration of email lists, subscribers added, deleted or subscriber data changed
  • Creation and management of segmented email lists
  • Distribution means for emails to include unlimited volumes, scheduled deliveries
  • Measurement and reporting of emails opened, bounced, etc.

Email Marketing can be implemented within your website or via a 3rd party application. The latter has significant benefits and highly recommended. It provides a full application at a relatively inexpensive price whereas, doing within your website and using your mail server requires considerable coding thus relatively more expensive. A recommended 3rd Party application is Constant Contact®.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides a fully functional Email Marketing application which is easily and intuitively executed. As a Constant Contact Partner, ToppingTheWeb offers the Email Marketing application direct to you. You have complete control and access to the application or you can outsource the setup and management of your email campaigns to us.

Constant Contact offers a complete package that is compliant with the Federal SPAM ACT and ties many of the tasks identified above together into a single interface for you. To learn more visit Constant Contact Partner website.

To see for yourself, take a 60 day Email Marketing trial. You will not be asked for a credit card until the trial expires; you can cancel with no obligation or sign up for the full function service. So click on the link below to get started.

Sign Up for a FREE 60 Day Trial

You have the option to set up, administer and maintain your campaigns yourself or you can outsource the entire set-up, administration, implementation and maintenance to ToppingTheWeb saving you staff hours. If interested in outsourcing all or a part of you email marketing management, please contact us for a quote.

For a free non-obligation quote to develop a new site, revise or upgrade an existing site, or for an analysis of your current site, please send an email to or call on (888) 241-1926. Our analysis can include site optimization and on-line marketing.