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Search Engine Optimization

Deploying a web site on the internet is only one task in using a very powerful business media. Just because you have a very attractive design, a convincing message, a desired product and a search engine friendly web structure, it is meaningless if no one knows the web site is out there or they cannot find it on the internet. Like any business, you must advertise. There are the traditional off-line media advertising techniques but there are different techniques for the web. These techniques range from dispersing your web site address through out the web into other web sites search engines, directories, industrial portals, collaborative web sites, etc.) to paying for advertisements on the web.

Basic Search Engine Optimization

You may want to solely rely on off-line advertising to point your audience to your website but most visitors use the search capabilities of the major search engines to locate a company, product or other information on the web. Consequently, you ultimately want your site to show up on the first page (positions 1-10) of the search results. The search engines use various parameters and algorithms to find and rank a web site for relevance. To name a few of the things the search engines look for when evaluating a web site: does it contain rich content, does the site have value, is it visited frequently, are there valued sites linking to your web site, and what are the key words. Thus, all new site development or revised site development by ToppingTheWeb LLC addresses these factors. This level of attention is good for a start, but depending on the number of competing sites, the uniqueness of your product or site, the length of time you have been active on the internet and a host of other factors, it may be necessary to go to the next step: Advance Search Engine Optimization.

Advance Search Engine Optimization

To position well in search results requires among things more traffic but to get more traffic, the site must be in the top 10 positions; Catch 22? Consequently, you need to rely on other legitimate means to get traffic to your site and/or to get on the first page of search results. Do not get fooled by those using shady techniques such as selling links to get into the top 10 positions; that could cost you more in the long run, like being black listed by the search engines.

There are a number of different advance services that can be utilized to to optimize your site:

  • Identify and list your website URL on various websites such as:
    • industry portals such as Thomas Registry,, etc.
    • organizational membership directories
    • on-line phone directories - Superpages, YellowPages, Yellow Book, etc.
    • local directories and search engines -, True Local, etc.
    • Search Engine tools - Google Places, Google Plus, etc.
  • Conduct a competitive Back Link Analysis to identify other potential websites
  • Perform a Keyword Analysis and Keyword Page Focus Implementation
  • Create a BLOG
  • Establish Social Media posts - Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Conduct a Pay-Per-Click Campaign [Pay for Page 1 position]

Depending on your industry, your website goals and competition, an SEO plan can be created to be specific to your needs.

In all cases, traffic data monitoring is conducted to determine overall performance of the SEO methods implemented.