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Toll Free Phone Numbers

We can provide Toll Free Phone Numbers for numerous operations:

  • Call Center Routing,
  • Franchise Call Management,
  • Advertising and Marketing Tracking

Toll Free Number Tracking Service

Topping Call Tracking service is phone call tracking that involves a system in which unique toll-free numbers are place on each individual advertisement media, website, or directory listing. When a customer calls one of these numbers the marketer who placed the ad is cued as to which ad specifically generated that lead. Phone call tracking empowers marketers to monitor and improve advertising, capture prospect data, and route inbound calls intelligently. It provides measurable results, allowing marketers to direct advertising dollars more effectively, agencies to route calls to the best call center or clients, and clients to close more sales.

Toll Free Phone Number Features

Topping Call Tracking service offers SMART tracking numbers with all the advanced calling features you expect to find.

Third Party Call Transfer Take back calls and transfer them to a third party, like another call center. This feature keeps the first party’s lines free for other calls while the third party talks with the buyer. All concerned parties receive full reporting on the calls and transfers that pertain to them.

Call Blocking Customize the area from which you want to receive calls. You can block or allow calls based on the state, area code, area code + prefix, or even a specific phone number. Calls from blocked areas/numbers can be sent to a busy signal, continuous ringing, an error message, or directly to voice mail.

Custom Call Forwarding Set a schedule to automatically forward your calls to different numbers based on one or all of the following: time, day, area code, specific number or the state from which the call originated.

Caller ID Choose whether to display the Caller’s phone number, a default Caller ID, any number you choose, or even a random number for two-system call reconciliation. Many sales teams do not get any value out of seeing the true caller ID, as most calls are unrecognized. Having a default caller ID or unique phone numbers show up on your phone display can provide a clue as to which number was dialed, or which offer the caller is calling about.

Call Recording Record calls for immediate or delayed playback online
Call Whisper (also called Call Announcement) Topping Call Tracking service offers text-to-speech call whisper for instant call setup. Text-to-speech is a great solution for whisper because your team answers the phone, not the caller, so a lower quality whisper doesn't affect buyers, it only prepares sellers with information on the 800 Toll Free Number source.

Custom Greetings Increase your image by having a professional voice talent record your company's greeting.

Routing Schedules Off Hours routing allows you to route after hours calls to a standby mobile phone, or overflow call center to ensure no leads are lost.

Routing Strategies Complex collections of the above calling features distilled down to a one-click call routing name. You can route new tracking numbers according to complex business rules in one-click.

Names and Address Lookup Reverse append names and addresses instantly on caller phone number.

Advanced Call Allocation Simple percentage allocation or complex algorithm allocates calls to different call centers (lead buyers). Daily / Weekly caps with overage rules ensure you maximize the revenue on every call and don't lose a dollar.

Call Hunting Forward unanswered calls to a second number, or multiple numbers until the call gets answered. Or hunt to voicemail.

Data Collection Via touch tones entered by sales staff during a call. Salespeople can enter their sales person code and/or purpose of the call code during a call, e.g. 101#. These codes show up on call reports as data so management can easily identify who took which calls, and which callers they set appointments with.

Auto Attendants or Business Attendants. Route calls and/or pre-qualify sales opportunities according to an unlimited menu based system. Professional voice talent is available to record your prompts, e.g. "Hello and thank you for calling. Press 1 for sales, 2 for service." or "If you have more than $5,000 in debt, press 1 otherwise, press 2."

Change Logs You have complete visibility to name and routing changes made on your tracking numbers including which user made the change and when they made it. Complete call routing history is stored indefinitely


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