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Web Hosting

ToppingTheWeb provides reliable and affordable web hosting with an extremely high level of system availability, thus affording your visitors 24x7 access to your web site. The best-designed web site is only as good as its availability and our uptime, i.e., system availability, is 99.5% (one of the best performances in the industry). In addition to system performance and availability, ToppingTheWeb hosting provides ad-free web hosting, email services along with Spam and Virus Protection, database, and shopping cart capabilities.

Hosting Environment:

Consequently, ToppingTheWeb provides one of the best places to host your web site where you can have peace of mind and you do not have to worry about managing your hosting system, listening to complaints of site performance, and resolving problems with technical support.

Our hosting environment uses some of the best-named hardware and software in the industry and maintained by an experienced server administration team.

Virtual Dedicated Servers:

To ensure high levels of performance, eliminate cross web site contamination and interference, we utilize Virtual Dedicated Servers that means your web site runs on its own software platform, and maintains independent file structures, email services, and databases.

There is no fear of another web site hogging your system resources and crashing your site. Your web site runs on a UNIX Operating System platform. It is important that there is sufficient Bandwidth Capacity; however, the network operations center boasts a capacity with 4 levels of redundancy.

Virtual (Shared) Servers:

However, if you are looking for a more cost effective solution, we offer Virtual (Shared) Hosting which still has a extremely high performance rating, security and minimal down time.

Host Management and Maintenance:

The value of a web-hosting provider may not be obvious and may appear to be insignificant but it is an important decision in your plan to implement a web site. The task of managing and maintaining the hosting environment may run rather smoothly in the background but when something goes wrong, it can take you away from your prime business and consume many hours of non-productive effort. At ToppingTheWeb, we assume the management of your host system with a highly qualified technical support team saving you time while avoiding non-productive time-consuming tasks.


If you are looking for even more inexpensive alternatives or you are comfortable in setting up your computing environment, then we have the solution for you with our direct provisioning and operating environment through our hosting division - Topping Web Hosting. You still receive excellent performance and service through our technical support team. You can purchase Sharing, Virtual Dedicated or Dedicated hosting solutions in addition to acquiring and registering Domain Names and setting up Email Accounts; however, it does not stop there. In addition to setting up your hosting environment, you also have the option to Build Your Own Website [regular or eCommerce], BLOG, and much more. Browse our Web Hosting Solutions web site to learn more about the full range of services under Topping Web Hosting.

Not totally computer savy, feel uneasy going it totally alone, or cannot find the time to build your own website, then take one of our Build Your Own Website Workshops. It is not a seminar but a training and workshop session. You walk out with your website built by you and with onsite one-on-one support. To learn more, visit our Build Your Own Website Workshop flyer.

Of course if you don't have the time, staff or resources, we can provide you with various levels of web design services even if you select a Build-It-Yourself hosting environment.

Supplemental Capabilities:

With establishing your hosting environment, we can help you with Domain Name Acquisition, SSL Certificates, Email Account setup [DNS assignments, email forwarding, etc.].


For a free non-obligation quote to develop a new site, revise or upgrade an existing site, or for an analysis of your current site, please send an email to or call on (888) 241-1926. Our analysis can include site optimization and on-line marketing.