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Web Site Solutions

Why Do I Need a Web Site?

Join the millions of businesses who use the Internet to market and sell their products and services. Use your web site to augment your marketing efforts. In today’s internet environment, businesses compete with more efficient technologies, while customers have better access to view their cost options. The Internet has lowered the cost of entry, thus, expanding a business’ reach to millions of people and enabling more entrepreneurs to enter the competition.

Customers today are web smart and savvy. They use the Internet to research, to compare and to make educated purchases. The Internet provides the customer an environment that:

  • Matches products/services to providers - focused leads
  • Is non-intrusive, no arm twisting, no sales intimidation, research at their leisure
  • Provides anonymity - enables decisions without pressure
  • Is current with the latest information
  • Enables 24 x 7 convenience and not tied to business hours

Don’t let your competition beat you to the market. If you are not present on the web, you could be losing prospective customers to your competition. BUT there is even more benefits available so why not take advantage by developing your web site soon.

How Can I Use A Web Site?


There are many ways to use a web site in your marketing and sales efforts. The web site could be designed for:

  • Information:
    • Marketing information
    • Product showcase or catalog
    • User or product documentation
  • E-Commerce:
    • Product or service ordering
    • Online payments
  • Office automation:
    • Invoicing
    • Database management
    • E-mail List Management
    • Auto Response to E-mail Requests

Or any combination of applications.


You are not locked into a specific mode. You can evolve as your business evolves and grows. The final decision is made based on a cost benefit analysis of factors such as:

  • Office automation
  • Sales distribution
  • Desired rapport with customers
  • Type of product or service
  • Type of business: office, storefront, warehouse
  • Business focus: B2B or B2C
  • Location of customers

Additionally, your site could be as simple as a single web page or be 50+ pages depending on its application. The bottom line it is your decision if and when to modify the site, and you don't have to wait until the next publish cycle to implement the revised site.

Our Business has expanded to add more services to better meet your internet needs and to integrate with your Marketing Plans. The indistry is always changing, so if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us so we can help you.

For a free non-obligation quote to develop a new site, revise or upgrade an existing site, or for an analysis of your current site, please send an email to or call on (888) 241-1926.